P2G Visiting Galilee Medical Center Doctors

Thank you Dr. Yoav Hoffman and Dr. Tal Marshak from the Galilee Medical Center for an informative and enlightening visit to Fort Worth. They introduced themselves during Friday evening services at Beth-El Congregation, and on Sunday gave a lecture and answered questions about the tremendous and generous efforts made to treat Syrian casualties.

The doctors were busy on Monday during their visit...Thank you Dr. Michael Korenman, Dr. Sam Kleinman, and Dr. Marcy Paul for arranging visits and lectures to JPS Hospital, Cook Children's Medical Center, and UNT Health Science Center. Drs. Hoffman and Marshak spoke to 200+ people, sharing their personal experiences with emergency preparedness in time of war—treating civilians and casualties of war, including, most recently, Syrian refugees in our Partnership2Gether region. 

Our Partnership2Gether Western Galilee Partner - The Galilee Medical Center

Established in 1956, the Galilee Medical Center is the largest government hospital in the Galilee region of Israel. The Medical Center serves a demographically mixed population of 600,000 including Christians, Druze, Jews, and Muslims. This frontline treatment center for Israel’s northern border treats Israeli civilians and those who have been causalities of war from neighboring countries. In 2006, during the Lebanon War, the Medical Center was bombed. Determined to be better prepared, an entire underground hospital was constructed allowing uninterrupted service during times of crisis. 

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Dr. Yoav Hoffman is a Pediatric Intensive Care physician and Assistant Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Department (PICU). Since 2013, this PICU takes care of pediatric casualties from Syria. Additionally, Dr. Hoffman is responsible for Preparedness for Mass Casualty Events and leads the hospital during emergency situations such as war, fires and chemical disasters. 

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Dr. Tal Marshak, an expert in endoscopic surgeries of the nose and sinuses, is a Senior Surgeon and Head of the Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery Unit.