Leadership 2014/15 - A Poem

A poem by Yael Sasley
Participant in the Jewish Federation of Fort Worth & Tarrant County Leadership Program 2014-15

Leadership 2014/2015

There once was a Federation group called Leadership,
They met once a month and together went on an Israel trip.
After a long flight, they met their tour guide Shachar,
Dinner was next, but first they enjoyed some drinks in the hotel bar.

The following morning, breakfast was to die for,
Little did they know, all the walking that day would make them oh so very sore.
Ayalon Institute, Old port of Yaffo, Ilana Goor Museum, and then lunch,
Then off to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, boy, they're one cool bunch!

Even though jet lag had kicked in, they did not care,
Off they went to Independence Hall, and then to Rabin Square.
Later they checked out JDC's Turning Point, Neve Michael , and had lunch in Etta Korenman’s back yard room,
Finally after such a busy day, they spent the night in Kfar Blum.

Shooting range, jeep tour and tea on the Golan,
Har Bental, then Oz 77, but wait, they still weren't done.
A fun visit to Assaf Winery, so much wine they did taste,
Dinner at Dag Al Hadan, wow, not a minute that day went to waste!

A morning tour of Sfat, with shopping that foll-owed,
They got a quick summary of Kabbalah, you know, the Jewish Davinci Code.
Akko was next, then dinner at Beit Gani,
In Nahariya they slept, at Starkman Erna Hotel, it's kind of boutique-y.

Day 6
Today they learned about Partnership, and where Federation money goes,
Wow the security centre of Matte Asher & Galilee Medical Center are really kept on their toes.
Lunch was at Briosh, with more Partnership friends,
Then off to Jerusalem to hear Gil Hoffman & Abu Toameh speak on politics & how Israelis and Arabs can make amends.

Day 7
Col. Danny Tirza showed & explained all about the fence, boy it was tall,
Shortly after, excitement was in the air, because the next stop was to the Western Wall.
They entered the Old City and did the tunnels below,
All quarters they walked through & still had energy for the evening sound and light show.

Day 8
The day started off somber with a visit to Yad Vashem,
Machane Yehuda was next, then ended the day at the Rose Garden.
To welcome Shabbat, they made a quick stop at the Kotel,
Next it was time for the Shabbat dinner, in a private room at the Hotel.

Day 9
This was the last day, did they have enough falafel or tea with Nana?
The drive down south began, they passed the Dead Sea & headed strait to Masada.
We skipped Ein Gedi, chose the Dead Sea, we all agreed that was ok,
Then it was time to say Shalom to Shachar & Israel & catch their flight back to USA.

Thank you Bob for making this program happen,
You and your staff at Federation are totally awesome!
Your team formed a great group, you've made new Israeli eaters,
May this program bloom, and bring you many more young leaders!