This year, we are celebrating our Federation’s 80th anniversary. 

From its beginning in 1936 until today…our purpose is clear.

Everything that we do aims to ensure the well-being of our community and secure its future. We do this by caring for those in need and making sure that opportunities for meaningful Jewish experiences are available to everyone who wants them.

How do we do this?

We do it through the power of our collective…by leveraging both the human and financial resources available to us. We actively work to identify the changing needs of the community and we create solutions to address those needs. From a collective of more than 1000 donors that contribute to our annual campaign, we raise and distribute close to a million dollars a year. These funds support:

  • Crisis relief here and abroad

  • Safety Net Services

  • Meaningful Life Experiences for all age groups

  • Connections to Israel

  • Jewish leadership opportunities

  • Investment in Jewish life through education and cultural events

  • Supporting Global Jewry

This is all made possible by the gracious and generous support of our members.

Our Federation is the #1 partner to all our congregations and Jewish community organizations. We are the one organization in our community connecting, coordinating, caring for and looking out for everyone.

On behalf of us all, thank you.

Sandra Hollander, President
Bob Goldberg, Executive Director